The mill

From olive tree to olive oil

Being lovers of good living and good eating, we decided in 2002 to develop the land around the chateau in accordance with the rules of organic farming.

Very early on, we planted over 1400 olive trees with the intention of producing very high-quality olive oil.

We have chosen local varieties: Picholine, Négrette and Rougette de l’Ardèche, which we have mixed with around a dozen other varieties to maintain biodiversity.

We are keen to preserve quality, from the planting of the tree to the moment of tasting the final product and built our own olive mill in the chateau grounds in 2011.

The olives are cold-pressed, without water, immediately after harvesting to prevent deterioration of the fruit and preserve its qualities to the maximum.

The oil is then decanted naturally and filtered to eliminate the final impurities and liquid particles.

The end product is stored in a semi-buried building with a planted roof that naturally insulates the oil from the scorching summer heat.  Kept away from contact with heat, air and light, we avoid all forms of oxidation that are detrimental to the superb taste of this precious nectar.

The end result is an organic oil with excellent chemical qualities (very low acid and peroxide levels) combined with excellent organoleptic properties: a typically intense green fruit taste with green almond and green apple aromas, lifted by a superb “ardence” (spicy flavour) and a slight bitterness.

Available from the chateau shop, it’s excellent in small quantities on raw summer vegetables or drizzled on grilled fish…