Preserving our environment

Aware of how fragile the Earth is and of our obligation to preserve the environment sustainably, we have introduced water, energy and waste management systems because we think that by acting locally we can improve our planet’s environment.

All the development work that has been done on the estate has been carried out with the aim of limiting our impact on the environment.

  • The farm operation (olive oil production) is certified as organic,

  • All the roads, paths and courtyards are maintained with materials that do not make the ground impermeable to water but allow it to breathe,

  • Several areas of fallow land are left untouched with the aim of forming nature reserves for auxiliary insects and birds,

  • The different building materials (wood in particular) are sourced as locally as possible to limit pollution caused by transport (as are the wood shavings used for the chateau’s new wood-fired heating system),

  • An organic orchard has been planted with a number of ancient varieties with the aim of safeguarding biodiversity,

  • The grounds are weeded by hand without the use of chemical or thermal weed-killing methods,

  • The water used for watering plants is carefully controlled using droplet or night-time watering techniques,

  • The purchase of electricity from renewable sources,

  • The use of water flow reducers and low-consumption lighting to reduce our water and energy consumption,

  • The use of cleaning products (floors, washing up, windows, etc) that have a low impact on the environment,

  • The service of organic meals or locally-produced food, with no packaging and washable or recyclable crockery/cutlery, to reduce our waste production,

  • Employee training and information for our guests,