the park

The Splendour of the Enlightenment

The grounds that enhance the chateau were laid out in 1785 by the Marquis Bérard de Montalet for his daughter’s wedding.

The Orangery, which once housed 80 orange trees, warmed by wood-burning stoves, is now a peaceful place with its hammocks and sofa for our guests; because of its ideal setting in front of the pool, it is used as a venue for private events in the shade of the arches that have lost nothing of their majestic bearing.

Backing on to the Orangery, the well and its “noria” are the starting point for an ingenious water circuit that was restored in 2008.

From the 16th century it distributed the precious liquid by gravity to the chateau, ponds, orchards and kitchen garden, ending its cycle in the well.

The long-neglected box-lined drives have been returned to their former splendour and the former arbour has been turned into a rose garden.

The marsh has been drained to make an orchard planted with ancient and rare fruit tree varieties, while the ponds have been restored or recreated to give pleasure to the colourful, vibrant wildlife.

Let yourself be overcome by the spirit of the place as you stroll through a world of time gone by.

Follow the paths, let your mind go free and you’ll find that precious inner peace …